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Uni-Core Technology

KEF Technology

Uni-Core Technology

Redefines size versus performance

KEF’s innovative, patent-pending Uni-Core technology redefines the physical space high-performance speakers and subwoofers required to deliver deep and accurate bass. Through exceptional engineering and creativity, KEF’s engineers have revolutionised the traditional force cancelling arrangement with a Uni-Core design that delivers deeper bass from ultra-compact cabinets.

Maximises bass, minimises space

The innovative Uni-Core system overcomes the performance compromises when placing force cancelling drivers into a smaller cabinet. Uni-Core combines both back-to-back drivers into a single motor system. The overlapping, concentrically arranged voice coils allows for far more driver excursion than in other force cancelling design, unlocking more output and depth from less space.

Coming to an exceptional product soon

A new technology as exciting as Uni-Core deserves a great platform from which to perform. So, a new KEF product that benefits from Uni-Core technology will be here very soon. And the performance will rattle your bones and entice your ears in equal measure.

Metamaterial Absorption Technology

A truly revolutionary tool in the KEF acoustic armoury, Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) is a highly complex maze-like structure that absorbs 99% of the unwanted sound from the rear of the driver, eliminating the resulting distortion and providing purer, more natural sound.


KEF’s many pioneering innovations are all geared towards delivering breath-takingly natural sound; sound that lets you enjoy music as it was meant to be heard. Of all these pioneering developments, it is the Uni-Q driver array that sits at the heart of almost all our speakers.

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