Tokyo is a city in an eternal state of transformation.

Change is a constant, but the city’s music community always finds a way to move with it. Tokyo is as endlessly eclectic as it is fabled; any and all genres find a home here within its hidden corners and cosy venues.

In one such speakeasy vinyl bar, trailblazing artist, programmer and DJ Daito Manabe hosted Listen Tokyo, playing a tracklist evocative of his journey and curated just for LS60 Wireless.


Daito Manabe is incomparable in his creative exploits.

Sitting at a rare intersection of music, art, science and technology, the creator explores the roots of what it is to be a human being.

But Daito’s story began as a DJ. For our second evening with the creator after collaborating on Journey Through Sound, he invited a small audience to travel back with him to his roots.


Daito’s Listen Tokyo tracklist took form after weeks of deep listening on LS60 Wireless.

“My personal history with music and landscapes dates back to my college days. It was a time when discovering new music was more difficult than it is now, and listening parties were frequent.

It was then that I had the opportunity to listen to Jon Appleton's album Contes De La Memoire: an experience where music transformed into a landscape. This was a significant moment in my life.”

A 26-track curation telling of his ongoing journey to research the relationship between music and imagery, he says: “I encourage everyone to cherish the opportunity to close their eyes and slowly enjoy music.”

Discover Daito’s full story on Sound of Life.


No one does things quite like Daito Manabe. His projects – both solo and with creative collective Rhizomatiks – often span years, waiting for technology to catch up with the ambition behind them.

In this episode of Masters of Sound, Daito shares the importance of process and the delicate relationship between creativity and patience.

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