Why Subwoofers Create More Immersive Audio Experiences

You haven’t truly heard your favourite song or soundtrack until you’ve heard it with a subwoofer. A phenomenal speaker setup can bring depth and detail to an audio experience unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Revealing every aspect of the low-mid, mid, hi-mid and high frequencies, it lets you listen exactly as the artist intended. But what about those low, low frequencies? The deep, rumbling bass that completes the soundscape? Are you truly experiencing sound as it was intended without precise bass? That’s where subwoofers come in - providing that missing puzzle piece to an otherwise flawless sonic experience.

In this blog, we’ll cover all of the amazing ways that a subwoofer can raise your audio setup to new heights, as well as explore KEF’s cutting-edge subwoofers, newly enhanced with groundbreaking technology.

How Do Subwoofers Work?
Subwoofers bring the bass to your music, movie or game by using powerful drivers known as woofers to deliver low frequencies between 20 and 200 Hz. The result? Rumbling depth.

Why Invest in a Subwoofer?
You love your speaker setup. Your KEF speakers already bring you unquestionably exquisite sound - so why would you need to add anything else? While your sound might be incredible already, that doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of it being even better. When adding a subwoofer to your setup, the difference it makes is immediately clear.

Complete Immersion
With speakers alone, you’ll hear the music - but when you add a subwoofer to the mix, you’re in the music. With the full depth and clarity to the bass tones that a subwoofer brings, you’ll experience the lowest notes in their entirety, at their intended volume, allowing the dynamics of the sound to interact in their full glory.

Connect to the Artist’s Vision
Your favourite artist has crafted each piece of music with intention, with each note present for a reason. The deep bass notes included in a piece of music are a chapter in the story of the piece. With the accurate bass note reproduction that a subwoofer brings, you’ll hear the song exactly as it was intended, allowing you to connect with the artist more than ever before.

The Best Home Cinema Experience
It’s not only in music that powerful bass makes a difference. When you add a subwoofer to your home cinema setup, the full force of those deep sound effects in your favourite movies is released. You’ll be able to hear all the action, just as the director intended.

Feel the Impact
Have you ever loved a movie so much that watching it wasn’t enough - you needed to feel it and be fully immersed in the action? With the deep bass that subwoofers reproduce, you can feel the impact of the movie. That rumbling in your chest, sends ripples through your body and pulses through floorboards and furniture, creating a multisensory experience.

Why Choose a KEF Subwoofer?
We’ve covered how a subwoofer can make your audio experience exceptional - now let’s explore how KEF’s subwoofers create the greatest audio experiences

Reference 8b Subwoofer
The flagship twin 9-inch driver force cancelling subwoofer, Reference 8b, is hand built in the UK. A truly extraordinary subwoofer that is powered by 2 x 500W class D amps for thunderous bass. It’s a power these drivers can handle though, as they’ve been created to be ultra-low distortion, placed back to back in an acoustically inert cabinet.

KC92 Subwoofer
KC92, a dual, 9-inch active subwoofer with 1000 watts of power, follows on from the KF92 in breathtaking fashion. The driver moves with stunning precision, benefitting from P-Flex Surround which masterfully resists cabinet pressure. With five pre-set room placement options, KC92 delivers impeccable bass wherever you place it. Wielding 1000W RMS power for control, its force-cancelling design provides clean bass up to 110db. 

KC62 Subwoofer
If you crave the bass of a subwoofer but are worried you don’t have enough room to accommodate it, the compact, football-sized KC62 subwoofer was made for you. Featuring ground-breaking Uni-Core® technology to combine both drivers into a single magnet system, we’ve reduced cabinet size by a third without sacrificing performance.

The P-Flex surround resists pressure for precise movement, giving greater depth and accuracy to the bass reproduction, while the ingenious Room Placement Equalisation feature disperses sound evenly around the room so you’ll enjoy the same magnificent bass wherever you sit.

Kube Subwoofers
Available in 15-inch, 12-inch, 10-inch and 8-inch versions, Kube Subwoofers are designed to effortlessly adapt to any setup in any space. Enhanced by Music Integrity Engine® (MIE), Kube subwoofers deliver optimised performance with exceptional depth and dynamic and make powerful bass more accessible.

 iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension), which is powered by MIE, allows the subwoofer to play louder and remain dynamic at any listening level by analysing your input signal and making multitudes of tiny adjustments every second, resulting in remarkable accuracy.

T2 Subwoofer
With bass power that belies its size the T2 subwoofer creates a 3D image by adding definition and weight to the bottom end.

 Easy to conceal thanks to its compact dimensions, the T2 delivers fast, uniformly dispersed and devastatingly accurate bass with a 250 Watts Class D amp and 250mm (10in.) driver.

Complete your audio experience with a KEF subwoofer today and embrace the bass.

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