New Subwoofers From KEF

Crafting immersive sound experiences is something that KEF has prided itself on since 1961. Now, over six decades later, redefining audio experiences remains a priority for us. We’re proud to introduce our KC92 Force-Cancelling Subwoofer and Kube Subwoofers, the newest additions to our comprehensive range.

Through innovative technology and design, these new subwoofers deliver deep and detailed bass with unrivalled accuracy, and bring every detail to life.

Early Access for myKEF members


Early Access for myKEF members

While they are versatile and adaptable to their respective spaces, KC92 and the Kube range each feature our Music Integrity Engine® (MIE), powered by our proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithm. Tailored for each model, the unique MIE ensures every component works within the individual subwoofer in perfect harmony. Elevating the overall performance for remarkable integrity, detail, and accuracy of sound, we're placing listeners right in the heart of the action. In addition to this, the iBX Intelligent Bass Extension creates an extended depth that unlocks the full potential of the custom driver. By analysing the input signal, iBX allows the subwoofer to play louder and remain dynamic at any listening level.

KC92 Force-Cancelling Subwoofer

KC92 surpasses all expectations for its size. It achieves powerful, quick articulation through a 9-inch dual driver in a force-cancelling configuration. An immersive, ultra-dynamic listening experience for both music and movies, KC92’s sound goes beyond sensation.

Its innovative design, which incorporates the patent-pending P-Flex Surround, inspired by the Japanese art of origami, resists sonic pressure without sacrificing sensitivity. Similar to origami folds, the pleated construction defies internal air pressure, enabling the driver to move precisely in response to the aural signal. With audiophile-quality 1000W of Class D amplification (a dedicated 500W amplifier for each driver), KC92 possesses immense power that can fill almost any space.

KC92’s minimal and timeless design is easy to match with a variety of speaker systems. Available in White Gloss and Black Gloss, it works beautifully with any interior.


Kube Subwoofers

Kube transforms sonic experiences through the undeniable power of bass. Available in four driver sizes - 15", 12", 10", and 8"- this range provides versatility to any room size and system requirement. With multiple connectivity options and room EQ settings, setup is a breeze.

These subwoofers boast long throw drivers that fire from the front, increasing output at lower frequencies. This method produces an impression of direct force within the space, resulting in a tactile, compressed, and potent bass experience. Optimally designed for the driver and the available acoustic volume, the 300W Class D RMS amplifier in the Kube runs efficiently and cool, providing ample power for the subwoofer. It reproduces deep bass and rumble with precision, adding intensity and realism to your audio experience.

Kube effortlessly adapts to a wide range of audio systems due to its extensive range of connection choices. The line level and speaker level inputs mean it can be connected to any amplifier. KEF SmartConnect optimises the gain for best performance by sensing whether a mono or stereo input is being utilised automatically. Furthermore, Kube can be easily integrated wirelessly using the optional KW1 wireless subwoofer adapter.


Listen and believe

Don’t just take our word for it. The best way to really appreciate the power of KC92 and Kube is to listen to it for yourself. Book a demo and experience the heart-pounding impact of them.
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