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E301c Centre Speaker

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The E301c centre speaker was designed from the start as a single perfectly balanced system with the crossover, cabinet and drivers working together in harmony. It features the latest iteration of KEF's signature Uni-Q driver array.
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It takes more than a great driver to create a class-leading satellite speaker, and the E301c was designed from the start as a single perfectly balanced system with the crossover, cabinet and drivers working together in harmony.

The less there is to intermediate the recorded signal, the clearer the sound. To eliminate secondary radiation and cabinet coloration, the enclosures are heavily reinforced with internal ribbing and damping technologies to ensure sonic accuracy with no unwanted resonances. The low diffraction cabinets are carefully engineered to minimise scattering of the output, so nothing subtracts from, nor adds to, the sound from the driver.


New 4.25inch Uni-Q driver array

The secret of the E301c's outstanding hi-fi response lies in the latest iteration of KEF's signature Uni-Q driver array, originally developed for the multiple award-winning Q Series. With its famously wide dispersion characteristics and sonic purity, this technology is what gives the system its extraordinarily natural sound quality.

Uni-Q Tweeter

The tweeter at the centre of the midrange cone is vented to prevent distortion-inducing high pressure from building up behind the dome, so the response in the critical vocal region remains intricately detailed with every nuance of the original recording. With KEF's 'Tangerine' waveguide, it encourages the sound to radiate evenly, increasing both the dispersion and sensitivity of the tweeter for a more natural performance throughout the listening area.

Uni-Q MF/LF driver

Being stiffer than conventional materials, the aluminium midrange cone operates rigidly over the entire vocal range for the smooth, clear midrange response that reproduces the human voice with stunning accuracy. KEF’s Z-flex surrounding cone provides a smooth, uninterrupted surface over which the tweeter’s output passes with no disturbance or diffraction.

New 4.25inch Uni-Q driver array


KEF's award-winning original KEF KHT2005 and KHT3005 'egg' system revolutionised home entertainment with its supremely accurate 3D sound from distinctive small speakers packed with unique technologies. Redesigned to take advantage of design innovations developed for KEF's most sophisticated audiophile speakers, KEF E301c raises the bar even further - at a surprisingly affordable price. Available in deep black or pure white, the silky matt finish is complemented by satin chrome cast aluminium bases that simply rotate to form wall brackets. Beautifully engineered bespoke stands are also available to help positioning around the listening environment.


Everything about the E301c is designed to make life easier and more pleasurable. It's simple to hook up to any AV receiver which also controls the output level of the subwoofer. With no special tools or skills required, you'll set up your system for optimum performance in no time. Whether it's on the desk, on wall, the set-up couldn't be simpler.


Additional Information

Design Two-way bass reflex
Drive Units Uni-Q driver array:
HF: 19mm (0.75in.) vented aluminium dome
MF: 115mm (4.25in.) aluminium
Frequency Range 80Hz - 45kHz (-6dB)
Frequency Response 90Hz - 33kHz (±3dB)
Crossover Frequencies 2.7 kHz
Maximum Output 109dB (SPL)
Amplifier class 10 - 100W
Sensitivity 86dB (2.83V/1m)
Harmonic distortion <1% 100Hz – 40kHz
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms (3.4 Ohms min.)
Internal Volume 1.5 Litres
Dimensions (H x W x D with grille and base)
157 x 220 x 155 mm (6.2 x 8.7 x 6.1 in.)
Optional accessories Floor stands
Weight 2.4kg (5.3 lbs.)
Unit measurement Piece
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